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What is a WETT inspection?

As a certified member of WETT Inc. for four decades, Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, offers customers peace of mind in knowing that there’s WETT Inc. certified training behind the installation

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Myths about wood fireplaces

The trend toward gas-burning fireplaces has been popular, but Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, knows many people prefer the aroma and crackling sound that comes only from a wood-burning fire. Modern

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Top trends in fireplaces

Your fireplace should stand out as the centrepiece of the room, and Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, can provide you with inspiration to find the perfect one. Fireplaces can increase a

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Fireplace buying checklist

Whether you’re updating your current fireplace or adding a new one, Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, has the expertise to help you find the one that’s right for you. 1. Select

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What are gas fire tables?

A gas-fuelled fire table from Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, can help you add year-round warmth and elegance to your outdoor living space! Fire tables are streamlined, gas-fuelled “fire pits”

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Tips for winter barbecuing

When you love to barbecue all year round, visit Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, for the perfect outdoor grill. There’s much to be said for the convenience of a gas grill.

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Caledon Fireplace

Caledon Fireplace in Caledon, Ontario, can help keep your whole family warm, even on the chilliest winter nights. There’s nothing better than sitting in front of a fire as the temperatures

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Top benefits of electric fireplaces

An electric fireplace or electric fireplace insert from Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, offers numerous benefits to your home or commercial space. The flickering flames and warmth of a fireplace can

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