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Gas fireplace inspection and maintenance requirements

The certified fireplace technicians at Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario offer installation, inspection and maintenance services and guidance to help to keep your gas fireplace operating efficiently, safely and beautifully for many years!

Gas fireplaces are extremely low-maintenance. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces — requiring fire building and lighting, disposing of the ash, and chimney cleaning — a gas fireplace needs only a few maintenance tasks that should be carried out at least annually.

As with any fuel-burning unit, a comprehensive annual inspection carried out by a certified gas fireplace technician is vital to ensure that your gas fireplace is working safely and efficiently. If requested, the technician can also provide cleaning and maintenance services in addition to the inspection.

Basic fireplace cleaning and maintenance directions will be in your fireplace’s product manual. The glass door needs to be opened according to manufacturer’s instructions and cleaned as directed with an appropriate cleaner for high-heat surfaces. The blower unit should then be dusted and vacuumed. The exterior vent on the side of the house or the roof should be checked to ensure it’s clear of leaves, nests or other debris.

An annual inspection involves checking the seal around the glass for leakage, then removing the glass assembly of the fireplace. The technician will examine the glass and the exterior of the unit for chips, scratches or cracks in the glass, as well as for damage to the firebox.

Inside the firebox, the gas ignition assembly under the log structure is inspected, as well as valves and connections. Logs are examined for flaking, rust or soot. The heat output is reviewed, and ports and vents are examined for residue buildup.

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