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Fireplaces for bathrooms and bedrooms

If you’ve ever entertained the idea of having a gas fireplace in your bathroom or bedroom, Caledon Fireplace in Peel Region offers some very encouraging news about the many innovative designs that now make having a fireplace in just about any room of your home possible.

Fireplaces of today come in such a variety of formats that the installation of these modern units in rooms that were once deemed off-limits is now entirely possible. By example, many homeowners now opt for gas fireplaces because of the many advantages of these units over traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Gas fireplaces provide constant heat, are remarkably easy to operate, and are far safer than their traditional counterparts. As well, the numerous available styles make it possible to have a design that’s perfectly suited to any home’s decor.

Gas fireplaces can be installed in both bedrooms and bathrooms, provided the fireplace and the installation adhere to your district’s building codes and follow the manufacturer’s specifications. The main factors regarding this are the size and type of fireplace; the size of the room; the placement of the fireplace in proximity to walls, doors, windows and other structures; and venting considerations. In regard to installations in bathrooms, do not place the fireplace where there is any risk of water contact or the potential for slips and falls near the unit. In small bedrooms or bathrooms, a gas fireplace may not meet building permit requirements — but there are still some excellent options.

One option that may work for your bedroom or bathroom is an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces require minimal effort to install, with the true advantage being that you simply plug in the unit and switch it on. Styles range from contemporary and ultra-modern to traditional. Models are so diverse that some even come in wall-mount designs, thereby conforming to space limitations in smaller rooms. Even when it comes to larger rooms, so many design options are available that the fireplace can be made a central focal point in the main room or, in the case of corner models, can be artfully placed without the unit becoming the room’s central feature.

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