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Which freestanding home heating stove is right for you?

Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, carries an extensive selection of freestanding home heating stoves for warmth and comfort in your living space. While traditional wood-burning stoves are the most well-known, pellet-burning and gas-burning stoves are also widely available.

Traditional wood-burning stoves, especially those with modern-day features, offer numerous advantages. They are cost-effective to operate, and can be used during power outages or as off-the-grid heating options; some models are available with generous cooktop surfaces for meal preparation. Upgraded models available can include options for smoke reduction and blower systems to assist with heat circulation, and contemporary as well as traditional designs to suit any home decor.

Freestanding gas stoves— natural gas or propane fuelled versions of the traditional wood stove — are popular alternatives for warmth at the touch of a switch, without the work and storage requirements of the building, tending to and cleaning up after wood fires. Other advantages include the ability to regulate the desired temperature, as well as reduced indoor air pollution and lower fire risks. Numerous models can provide heat during power outages.

Pellet stoves as home heating options are relative newcomers to the market. They are similar in appearance and function to traditional wood-burning stoves. Biomass pellets made from compressed sawdust or wood residue offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective fuel option. Pellet stoves produce higher heat flow than traditional wood and can be operated continuously, with minimal tending, for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the model.

Caledon Fireplace also offers an outstanding selection of wood-burning, gas, electric and propane fireplaces, stoves, accessories and much more. Visit the Caledon Fireplace showroom at 2999 King Street, on the corner of Hurontario Street and King, to speak with an experienced representative regarding home heating stoves and fireplaces

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