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Fireplace buying checklist

Whether you’re updating your current fireplace or adding a new one, Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, has the expertise to help you find the one that’s right for you.

1. Select the type of fireplace.

First, you’ll need to decide whether you want a gas, electric or wood-burning unit. Electric units have no actual flame, so no vent is necessary, but they don’t throw out as much heat as a gas or wood fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces are easy to use and can be turned off and on with just the touch of a switch or remote control. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces or stoves take more effort to get a fire going and require more maintenance but provide the experience of a “true” fire.

2. How much heat do you need?

The higher the BTU rating, the more heat the fireplace will provide. Larger rooms need higher BTU than smaller spaces, such as bathrooms. The experts at Caledon Fireplace can recommend what BTU rating will work best for your space.

3. For a new insert, measure all the dimensions of the space.

If you already have a fireplace and want to convert a wood-burning one to gas or upgrade your gas insert, take a few measurements before heading to the showroom.

These five measurements will help you find the right new gas insert:

•    The height of the back of the fireplace opening

•    The height of the front of the opening

•    The depth of the opening from the front to the back wall

•    The width of the back of the fireplace

•    The width of the front of the fireplace

Take a picture of your fireplace and bring it in to show the staff at Caledon Fireplace so that they can recommend the perfect insert style to match your hearth.

Caledon Fireplace has licensed fireplace installation specialists to ensure your new unit fits perfectly in your home.

For more information, call 905-838-1114 or toll-free at 1-888-212-4413. For fireplace ideas, Caledon Fireplace’s showroom at the southwest corner of Highway 10 (Hurontario Street) and King Street in Caledon, just minutes north of Brampton.

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