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Outdoor fire pits: Tips to simplify the shopping process

Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, can help you enjoy your outdoor living spaces, even when there’s a chill in the air! With a backyard fire pit, there’s no need to abandon your patio on brisk evenings.

Thanks to modern technology and design, you no longer need a campsite or a huge backyard to enjoy sitting comfortably around a fire. Today’s fire pits come in an array of sizes, styles and materials. Fuel capabilities — no longer restricted to traditional logs of wood and kindling — also include portable propane and dedicated gas line options, offering exciting possibilities for any budget and patio configuration.

Before purchasing a fire pit, check with your local municipality and fire department for outdoor burning and open flame bylaws and safety guidelines required in your area, such as the types of fire pits permitted and the distance required from structures and foliage.

To simplify decision-making prior to fire pit shopping, consider the following:

•    Space: Is the proposed space for your fire pit big enough for chairs, and to be able to safely move around it when it’s in use? Do you have access to natural gas?

•    Fuel: Do you enjoy the flames of a traditional wood fire, natural gas or propane?

•    Permanency: Do you want to be able to move your fire pit when not in use, or to be able to use it in different locations in your backyard?

•    Maintenance: Do you prefer the beauty and warmth of a fire with the convenience of an on/off switch and controls, or traditional logs, kindling and ash?

To speak with an experienced representative about the fire pit that’s right for your outdoor space, and to view an exceptional selection of fire pits, visit the Caledon Fireplace showroom at 2999 King Street in Caledon.

Caledon Fireplace also offers an outstanding selection of wood-burning, gas, electric and propane fireplaces, stoves, accessories and much more.

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