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Can gas fireplace inserts be installed in existing or factory-built fireplaces?

Fireplace inserts have become an increasingly popular way to convert traditional masonry-style fireplaces into safe and efficient gas fireplaces. Caledon Fireplace in Caledon, Ontario, explains how these inserts can be installed in existing or factory-built fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces offer all the warmth, charm and character of traditional wood-burning fireplaces but with vastly improved convenience and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to the increasing popularity of gas fireplaces, there are also many innovative styles to choose from that will suit any homeowner’s budget and design preferences.

In fireplace lingo, the term “insert” refers to the conversion of an existing wood-burning masonry or factory-built metal fireplace to gas. A gas burner along with simulated logs is enclosed in a metal housing that is inserted into the existing fireplace cavity. Such an insert also has a glass front for viewing the flame, along with an attractive metal trim. When a traditional fireplace is converted to a gas fireplace, the existing chimney has to be relined with a proper vent that is approved for gas application.

One of the genuine benefits of gas fireplaces is that they are safe. Gas fireplaces use safety features that include an automatic shut-off valve that will turn off the gas flow in the event that the pilot light goes out. Making the conversion provides all the beauty and ambience of a wood-burning fireplace without all the fuss of wood because all that’s required with gas is the flick of a switch or turn of a thermostat.

To see the incredible designs of gas fireplace inserts, pay a visit to Caledon Fireplace. Serving the region since 1989, Caledon Fireplace offers an exceptional selection of gas, electric and wood-burning fireplaces as well as stoves, all of which are presented in an exceptional fireplace showroom.

Caledon Fireplace is located at 2999 King Street, on the southwest corner of Highway 10 (Hurontario Street) and King in Caledon, Ontario, placing it just minutes north of Brampton and within an easy drive from Orangeville or the surrounding areas.

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