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High-tech gas fireplaces work even when the power is out

Caledon Fireplace based north of Brampton, Ontario in the community of Caledon sells top-of-the-line wood burning, gas and electric fireplaces, as well as mantles, accessories and wood stoves. One of the most important items that people can have in their home during the winter is a high-functioning fireplace. A well-run fireplace can heat a room and home, and help families save on their heating costs during the frigid winter months. However, the electricity to a home can frequently get knocked out during harsh winter storms or when ice hits. This can render fireplaces that rely on a blower motor or blower fan that run off electricity useless. And, the last thing homeowners want in the middle of a bad winter storm is to lose heat.

Caledon Fireplace sells top-of-the-line fireplaces that use state-of-the-art heating technology to distribute radiant heat throughout a room and home without the need for blower fans and electricity. Scientists have long known that radiant heat satisfies human comfort requirements with up to 30 percent less energy consumption when compared to standard heat air systems. The warmth efficiently replaces the chill from cold windows and doors and provides even heat to objects in a room. Backed with a powerful secondary heat exchanger that circulates warm air through convection, the fireplaces sold by Caledon provide all the heat that is needed in a home – even when the electricity is not working.

No matter what the home environment, Caledon Fireplace sells a wide range of fireplaces to complement any space and decor. The company sells both traditional wood and high-tech gas fireplaces for people to choose from. Accessories sold at Caledon Fireplace include freestanding stoves, wall heaters, fireplace mats, gas logs and venting.

The company invites people to visit its showroom to see fireplaces, inserts, freestanding stoves and wood stoves sure to complement any home. Caledon Fireplace is truly a one-stop-shop for all your hearth and heating requirements.

People who want a modern gas fireplace to effectively heat their home this year should contact the experts at Caledon Fireplace. There is no better fireplace outlet in the Caledon area.

CaledonEnterprise.com, Ontario


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