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Tips for winter barbecuing

When you love to barbecue all year round, visit Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, for the perfect outdoor grill.

There’s much to be said for the convenience of a gas grill. By having your barbecue connected to natural gas, you’ll never have to run out for a propane refill in the middle of cooking dinner. Gas grills also heat up quickly and disperse heat evenly.

Here are some tips for successful winter barbecuing.

Choose the right grill

A good-quality grill with double-walled steel or cast aluminum is necessary for cold-weather barbecuing. A roll top lid is a handy feature.

In business since 1989, Caledon Fireplace Ltd. carries excellent grills from leading manufacturers such as Napoleon and RH Peterson Co. and has many affordable, quality options.

Preheat your barbecue

Brush off any snow that may have accumulated and get the grill going. You need to preheat it about 10 minutes longer than you would in the summer. Keep in mind that it also might take a little longer to cook your food if the temperature outside is especially frigid.

Close the lid

Keep the lid closed and limit the number of times you open it to check on the food. Choose quick-cooking cuts of meat, such as kabobs, thin steaks or pork chops during cooler weather.

Keep safety in mind

Make sure your scarf isn’t dangling anywhere near the grill, and invest in a pair of grilling gloves made of fire-resistant material. If it’s suppertime and the sun has already gone down, it’s extra important to shovel a clear path to the barbecue and turn on all outdoor lights.

In addition to barbecues, visit Caledon Fireplace for wood stoves, electric fireplaces, gas inserts for fireplaces, fireplace screens and accessories, chimney systems and more.

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