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Top benefits of electric fireplaces

An electric fireplace or electric fireplace insert from Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, offers numerous benefits to your home or commercial space.

The flickering flames and warmth of a fireplace can be appealing in any home. While there are many exceptional options for kinds of fireplaces and fuels, a safe and versatile choice is an electric fireplace. Cost-effectiveness, simplicity of installation, safety, versatility, esthetics and design possibilities, low maintenance requirements — electric fireplaces and inserts can offer many advantages for many living spaces.

•    Low cost and easy installation: Electric fireplaces need no venting, no fuel lines and, in most cases, no renovations or construction. All you need is an appropriate wall outlet and the wall or corner where you’d like your new fireplace to be placed.

•    Versatility and flexibility: Electric fireplaces are available in an extensive range of creative styles, from basic mantelpiece models to entertainment consoles and more. These fireplaces can be operated with or without heat generation and can be enjoyed all year round. As a bonus, most electric fireplaces are portable and can move with you!

•    Safety: The surface areas of electric fireplaces are generally cool to the touch, or warm but without the risk of burns. The heat generated by electricity is also safe for individuals who are sensitive to smoke or emissions generated by other fuel-burning fireplace appliances. The risk of fire is also significantly lower, as there are no open flames, sparks or embers, or buildup from combustion by-products. Today’s electric fireplaces come with automatic shut-off capabilities for cost savings and peace of mind.

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