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Differences between natural gas and propane fireplaces

If you’re considering a new fireplace and are wondering about the differences between natural gas and propane fireplaces, Caledon Fireplace in Peel Region offers the following info about the differences between the two.

Natural gas and propane are both fossil fuels that provide clean-burning fuel options for a fireplace. However, each has different properties. Propane gas is heavier. If propane leaks, it can collect and, if it doesn’t disperse, can explode when an appliance (such as a fireplace) is lit. Natural gas is lighter. If natural gas leaks, it tends to dissipate in the surrounding air and break up. Though such a scenario is still potentially dangerous, natural gas is generally much safer.

Propane works well for indoor or outdoor spaces. A propane tank can be placed just about anywhere. For this reason, and particularly in the case of smaller fireplace models and propane tanks, the unit can be portable. If portability is important to you, it’s one of the advantages of propane. Propane tanks come in sizes that might range anywhere from 20 to 1,000 pounds. Therefore, depending on how frequently you intend to use the fireplace, or how often you’re prepared to refill the tank, this is something else you’ll want to consider.

Natural gas is likely to be the preferred option if you live in a residential area where natural gas is available, especially if there’s already a natural gas line in your home. Even if you need to pay for the natural gas hookup, the pricing is likely to be fairly low. Natural gas, however, doesn’t allow for portability, though this isn’t generally a concern for most homeowners who are looking to install gas fireplaces.

Fireplaces tend to be fixed, permanent devices. Considering all the aspects of installation, and provided you have access to natural gas, you’ll likely find natural gas to be the preferred choice over propane.

Caledon Fireplace can present you with an extensive number of fireplace options that suit your preferences and your budget. Gas, electric and wood-burning fireplaces, as well as stoves, are all available for viewing in the showroom. Caledon Fireplace has been serving the Region of Peel, including Orangeville and Brampton, and the Greater Toronto Area for over 25 years!

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