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What is a WETT inspection?

As a certified member of WETT Inc. for four decades, Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, offers customers peace of mind in knowing that there’s WETT Inc. certified training behind the installation and inspection of all the company’s wood-burning appliances and fireplaces. WETT Inc. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.) is a non-profit training organization that provides in-depth training … Read more

Can I install a fireplace, gas insert or stove myself?

There is so much to enjoy with a fireplace or wood-burning stove. One of the questions Caledon Fireplace, a leading fireplace store in Caledon, Ontario, is most often asked is, “Can I install a fireplace, gas insert or stove myself?” The answer to this question comes down in part to the type and size of the … Read more

Safely mount a flat-screen television above a fireplace mantle

Caledon Fireplace based north of Brampton, Ontario in the community of Caledon sells top-of-the-line wood burning, gas and electric fireplaces, as well as mantles, accessories and wood stoves. A popular trend in homes these days is to install a flat-screen television set above a fireplace. Nothing looks sleeker than a nicely mounted LCD or plasma television … Read more

Converting an existing wood-burning fireplace to gas

If you’re considering converting your existing wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace, Caledon Fireplace in Caledon, Ontario, offers an enthusiastic thumbs-up for gas fireplaces and can show you how to proceed. Despite all the allure of traditional wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces have come a long way and have many advantages over their traditional cousins. Gas fireplaces present … Read more

Methods of venting gas fireplaces

Caledon Fireplace in Caledon, Ontario, is often asked if gas fireplaces need to be vented through the roof. Modern gas fireplaces now offer different methods of venting, thus making it so much easier to have a gas fireplace without having to remodel your home. The purpose of venting is to safely remove combustion gases from the … Read more

Choose from wood and gas fireplaces right here in Caledon

Caledon Fireplace based north of Brampton, Ontario in the community of Caledon sells top-of-the-line wood burning, gas and electric fireplaces, as well as mantles, accessories and wood stoves. No matter what the home environment, Caledon Fireplace sells a wide range of fireplaces to complement any space and decor. After a long hard day, there is nothing … Read more

Gas fireplace inspection and maintenance requirements

The certified fireplace technicians at Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario offer installation, inspection and maintenance services and guidance to help to keep your gas fireplace operating efficiently, safely and beautifully for many years! Gas fireplaces are extremely low-maintenance. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces — requiring fire building and lighting, disposing of the ash, and chimney cleaning — a … Read more

Myths about wood fireplaces

The trend toward gas-burning fireplaces has been popular, but Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, knows many people prefer the aroma and crackling sound that comes only from a wood-burning fire. Modern wood fireplaces have evolved and are more efficient than ever before. Advancements in technology have transformed them, so they don’t have to be stoked as … Read more

Top trends in fireplaces

Your fireplace should stand out as the centrepiece of the room, and Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, can provide you with inspiration to find the perfect one. Fireplaces can increase a home’s value and add to your enjoyment of your space. Here are some of the top trends in fireplaces right now: Modern Wall-mounted fireplaces save … Read more

Can gas fireplace inserts be installed in existing or factory-built fireplaces?

Fireplace inserts have become an increasingly popular way to convert traditional masonry-style fireplaces into safe and efficient gas fireplaces. Caledon Fireplace in Caledon, Ontario, explains how these inserts can be installed in existing or factory-built fireplaces. Gas fireplaces offer all the warmth, charm and character of traditional wood-burning fireplaces but with vastly improved convenience and cost-effectiveness. Thanks … Read more